20 year old second-year university student.

Homeschooled until grade 11.

Studying (and passionate about!) literature, poetry and philosophy.  Fascinated with psychological research, biological sciences, physics, Latin&Greek, and mathematics. Interested in law, studying mental health, sociology, computer science, pharmacology, and terrified of committing to one graduate degree.

Happiest when in the bathtub, in sunshine, reading, at the beach, cozy on the couch, watching makeup tutorials or Scandal, at Sephora, journaling, or taking that first sweet sip of coffee at Second Cup. Has a mind palace which incorporates all of the above.

Constant learner.

In love with the big city and suburbia.

Writes as a way of self-expression, as a way to vent, as a way to look back and chronicle growth, and to improve writing skills. Also as a mode of productive procrastination.

Writes about: life, philosophy, school experiences, makeup, mental health, self care, body positivity, career paths, and general rambling thoughts.





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