Thankful Thursdays | May 18th

Copy of Instagram Post – Untitled Design

Today I am thankful for:

  1. The sunshine and the beautiful weather! It’s supposed to be so hot today, which is such a change from the gloomy rain that’s been the norm for the past few weeks.
  2. The people in my life who contribute to “the opposite of loneliness” – friends, family, my boyfriend.
  3. A renewed sense of hope and excitement towards my academic career. This year I switched from Biology/Psychology to just Psychology and then again to English. I’m excited to pursue English because I know it’s where my strengths lie and where I’ll get excited for whatever comes after my undergraduate, instead of getting burnt out like I was in other programs.
  4. Having a full time job waiting for me on June 3rd!
  5. The fact that my sore throat and mini sickness is temporary and that I’ll be back to feeling 100% soon.

This post was inspired by Addie van Rijn’s Thankful Thursdays series on Instagram!


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